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            Rod Components

We use only the finest Tonkin bamboo & rod building components to create a split cane fly rod that not only is a perfectly balanced fly fishing tool, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

               Nickel Silver Bellinger and REC Reel Seats for Rod Building

The reel seats and wood inserts that we use for rod building are manufactured by Bellinger Reel Seats, Inc  The Bellinger Bros. make some of the finest reel seats in the industry, along with an outstanding line of classic fly reels that will compliment any fly rod. We also have reel seats available from REC Components  The large choice of reel seat designs and exotic woods to choose from between these two fine companies assures our clients the finest reel seats available. This will help create a rod that they will appreciate and cherish for years to come. Our company logo is engraved on the end of the reel seat's butt cap. For an additional cost, all nickel silver components can be blackened if desired.   

               Bellinger and REC Nickel Silver Fly Rod Building Components

The cork grips that we use on our rods are created in our shop . Our shop uses only the finest Flor Grade cork and designs that are a perfect match for a bamboo fly rod. There are a number of sizes and styles for rod building to fulfill the clients needs and preference. We always have a variety of cork grips available for the client to inspect and choose from.

               Custom Cork Grips for Fly Rod Building

Our winding checks are all formed into a hexagon shape in our shop. By forming the round check into a hexagon shape, it allows the winding check to compliment both the cane and cork grip by blending the three together. Each client has the option of selecting a plain, rope, straight or diagonal pattern knurling on the winding check.

              Bamboo Rod Building Components

We use only the finest snake guides, tip tops and agate stripping guides for fly rod building in the industry which are manufactured by Snake Brand Guides.  The agate guides come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. We are fortunate to have a large supply of stripping guides on hand for our clients to choose from. If you have a specific color in mind that we don't have, we can order it. The frames are either bright nickel or black nickel. These agates are a beautiful addition to any rod and can be compared to a fine piece of jewelry. If the client prefers an Agatine guide we also have them available. Another stripping guide option is a Mildrum Tungsten Carbide ring/nickel silver frame guide. This is the least expensive guide that we use. The Snake Brand snake guides are available in either bronze or black nickel. The tip tops we use are black nickel.


                Agate Stripping Guides for Bamboo Rod Building


            Bamboo Fly Rod Components  


             Tip Tops and Snake Guides for Bamboo Rod Building

One of the most important and crucial bamboo fly rod components used in the manufacturing of a split cane fly rod are the ferrules. Consistent with our other rod building components, we use only the best in the industry. These are Super Z style ferrules, manufactured by Rush River Rods, Bellinger Reel Seats Inc., REC Uniferrules or Super Swiss Ferrules made by Classic Sporting Enterprises, Inc. Initially, the number of rod sections will determine the brand of ferrules used. (2 piece rod verses 3 or more piece rod; Standard length or Truncated length) All of the ferrules we use are nickel silver. They should never need lubrication of any kind if properly cared for. Please see Care Tips & Our Guarantee for additional ferrule care information. We add witness or alignment marks on each ferrule to make it easier for the client to properly join the rod sections, thus assuring that all guides are correctly inline with each other.

A sculptured aluminum & cork ferrule plug(s) is included with each rod. 

 Fossilized Walrus Ivory Ferrule Plug with Gold Bead

We also offer turned and sculptured fossilized Mammoth and fossilized Walrus Ivory ferrule plugs to add that finish touch to your bamboo fly rod. (Your own rod or one of ours) This option is at an additional charge. (They range in price from $23.00 to $36.00 each, depending on the materials used.) Please contact us to for more information, or to place an order.

 Fossilized Mammoth Ferrule Plug Fossilized Mammoth Ferrule Plugs


          Nickel Silver Ferrules used for Bamboo Fly Rod Building

All of our guide and thread wraps are created using the finest silk thread available. We only use Pearsall's Pure Silk Threads. They come in a wide variety of colors and in two diameters, Gossamer (approx.6/0 size) and Naples (approx. 4/0 size). Our wraps are kept conservative with a finely executed tipping that blends well with the main wrap. A unique, subtle signature spiral wrap is part of our rod's identity. You have the option of selecting the main wrap colors and any tipping. All wraps are sealed with 3-5 coats of Man O' War Spar Varnish to seal them to the bamboo and to prepare them for the final rod finish process. With these steps the wraps almost appear to be painted on!

            Pearsall's Silk Rod Wrapping Thread for Rod Building

Included with each rod is a heavy gauge bright mill finish aluminum storage tube with a solid brass cap and rod sock. The rod tube is labeled with the rod's specifications and care instructions. The rod tube cap is engraved with the clients name, rod information and makers name. A Mayfly can also be engraved on the cap if desired. Since all the engraving is done in our shop, the client can choose several engraving options on a variety of bamboo fly rod components.

       Bamboo Fly Rod Components

The final and most often overlooked fly rod building component is the hook keeper. We use two styles of keepers. The first is a nicely crafted black nickel silver rope ring/strap hook keeper, finely handcrafted by Mike McCoy of Snake Brand Guides that is highly recommended, when all other components have the rope knurling option. (This keeper looks good with any components used!) Mike, the Owner of Snake Brand Guides went out of his way to craft this great looking hook keeper for us! They are now available to ALL rod builders, along with his super agate stripping guides, snake guides and tip tops! We also have a nickel silver plain ring/strap hook keeper that is available.

     Snake Brand Hook Keeper and Guides


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